First steps to choosing your prom dress

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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

How to choose a prom dress
When the school year comes to an end, you can already feel the anticipation floating in the air. For everyone, it means warmer weather and summer vacation. For some, however, it is synonymous with graduation. And who says graduation, says graduation ball ! Prom is a tradition that allows us to look back on our past school years in a festive way while looking our best. Because there are so many styles and varying expenses that come with picking out a prom outfit, we've put together this guide to help you find your way to the perfect dress for you. Here are the three important questions to ask yourself when starting your research.

What is my prom budget ?

It is well known that one can find a wide range of prices when it comes to prom dresses. For small budgets, it may be advantageous to go for a simpler style and put more emphasis on accessories such as shoes and jewelry. A larger budget, however, can give you the option of buying a Canadian designed dress or investing in a totally glam look! Here are some recommendations to help you find the perfect prom dress from Boutique 1861 for all budgets!

Prom dresses under 100$

Elatia : Maxi Convertible Dress | $75

Elatia Maxi Convertible Dress

Also known as the "infinity dress", Elatia is a convertible dress that will allow you to create a look to your image.

Elatia Sand

Aliki : Mesh Maxi Dress | $88

Plunging Neckline Mesh Maxi Dress

The Aliki dress is a true fan favourite. The ethereal tulle dress will turn heads thanks to its plunging neckline. 

Aliki Blush

Hellee : Silky Maxi Dress | $98

Hellee Silky Maxi Dress

This classic A-Line dress is as comfortable as it is elegant. It's silky material and side pockets will ensure you the perfect fit.

Hellee is also available in Blue

Prom Dresses Under 200$

Fabia : Lace & Chiffon Dress | $108

Fabia Lace  Chiffon Dress

The long empire cut falls smoothly to the ground and has two long slits in the lining and one in the chiffon skirt. 

Fabia is available in 4 colours

Cephee : Maxi Glitter Dress | $148

Cephee Maxi Glitter Dress

This breathtaking off-shoulder shimmery dress will make you shine like a star! 

Cephee is available in 3 colours

Myrcella : Chiffon Gown | $148

Myrcella Chiffon Dress

This beautiful pleated chiffon dress is a dream come true!  Wear it with, or without straps for the perfect fit.

Myrcella is available in 15 colours

Prom Dresses Under 300$

Vallata : Mermaid Gown | $214

Vallata Mermaid Gown

Vallata is a dress of distinguished elegance thanks to its simplicity and memorable style.
Made in Montreal.

Vallata is available in 12 colours

Eirwen : Puffy Sleeved Flair Dress | $238

Eirwen puffy sleeve dress flared dress

Eirwen shines with its unique cut. Its puffy sleeves and open back guarantee an unforgettable look.


Which dress style should I choose ?

There are countless possibilities of styles you can choose from when it comes to prom dresses. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of those different styles so you can make an informed choice on which fit is right for you!

The Empire Waist Dress

Linaya Polymorphous Dress

Linaya Dress

The empire waist dress is made for those who prefer simple lines and fluidity. Perfect for those with a more busty body type, it will bring balance to your body shape. Its cut while flattering on most figures, defines the waist and gives you a flowy look.

The Mermaid Dress

Camila Mermaid Gown

Camila Dress (8 colours)

The mermaid dress will appeal to those who want to highlight their silhouette and their curves. It is great for those who want to draw attention to their hourglass figure. Close to the body from the bust to the knees, it will be ideal for those looking for elegance and allure. A must for a voluptuous and glamorous look.

The Princess Dress

Rosina Sequins & Tulle Prom Dress

Rosina Dress

The princess dress is made for those who want to feel like in a fairy tale! Voluminous, it will be the center-piece of your look with its fuller skirt. It is therefore ideal to accessorize while aiming for balance.

The A-Line Dress

Fabia Lace & Chiffon Dress

Fabia Dress

For those looking for more structured lines, the A-line dress will be perfect. Close to the body at the bust, it falls gracefully in an A-shape at the skirt. Fitted at the waist and the upper body, it will highlight it in the most elegant way.

The Minimalist Dress

Kiira Mermaid Gown

Kiira Dress

The minimalist dress will meet the expectations of those who wish to stand out with a distinguished look. Opt for a simple, structured fit to complete a chic and timeless look. The minimalist dress promises elegance.

The Short Prom Dress

Ketty Dark Tulle Dress

Ketty Dress

The short prom dress will appeal to those who want to stand out while remaining sophisticated! Easy to accessorize, it offers lightness and freedom of movement whether it is for dancing or showing off a pair of shoes.

How do I choose my prom dress color ?

The color choice of your prom dress proves itself to be just as important as its style. From bright colors to pastels, here are some things to consider when choosing the color of your ball gown ! From bright colors to pastels, here are some things to consider when choosing the color of your ball gown!

The Theme

If your prom has a theme, it may be easier to guide your decisions around it. The theme can serve as a guideline for the choice of color and style of your dress. Get inspired by it!

Color coordination with your partner

If you are planning to go to your prom accompanied, you can match you with your partner by choosing to wear the same color. You can also opt for two different colors that are complementary.

What suits you well!

Trust your fashion sense! Keep in mind the colors that suit you. After all, you know your tastes the best. You can also take inspiration from items that are already in your wardrobe by asking yourself a few questions such as:

  • What are my favorite items? What color are they?
  • What colors come up most often in my wardrobe?
  • The most important thing about choosing your prom dress is to be honest about what you like. This way, you can look your best at your prom night while still being true to yourself!

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