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Who Are We?

Vintage inspired, Boutique 1861 brings you back to the glamour and romance of the "good old days" with unique clothes and accessories.  We're a small company that continues to evolve with 4 physical stores in Montreal (Quebec) and an online store.

We prioritize excellent customer service, focusing on a personalized and pleasing experience for each client.


10 good reasons to join the team 

A great team spirit
A nice work environment (fully equipped breakroom, terrace ...)
A dog ♡
Training and monthly progress reports
Monthly motivational challenges for the Stylists in store
Paid dinner breaks
Possibility of salary growth
Fancy parties for employees (to bond and have fun)
Employee discounts on our items
50% discount on a gym membership 

There is no positions available for now.
You still wish to send us your spontaneous application? Don't hesitate!
We read and keep them all in case we would need you :)




1861 St Laurent & 1861 Ste Catherine

Your Role

Your role is to ensure an excellent customer service based on styling the clients. We want the clients to feel warmly welcomed and advised as much as possible so that they can find the perfect outfit.

Moreover, as a stylist in store, you must take care of the daily tasks in store (make sure all the products have labels and security tags, keep the store tidy, …)  

Your profil

We’re looking for someone available full time or part time for both our 1861 stores on St Laurent and Ste Catherine.Having a previous experience in retail is a real asset. It’s important to be bilingual french/english.

We’re looking for a dynamic person who has a good team spirit, and show great interest for fashion and who’s capable to propose complete outfits to our clients. We need someone devoted and who will take pleasure to welcome and take care of our clients.

Depending on the season and the needs, we're looking for stylists for the Boudoir 1861, Boutique 1861 or La Petite Garçonne so don't hesitate and let us know if you have a preference or a specific style that matches one of our boutiques.

Your missions

Assure a warm and attentionate welcome

Style and advise our clients during their fittings

Label and put the products in order on the floor

Do the cashier  

Keep a constant eye on the general state of the store



1861 St Laurent  

The Position

The manager’s role is to provide excellent customer service and ensure that each client is attended to and styled.  The clients should be welcomed and advised in order to find the perfect outfit.

As a manager, you will be an example for the in-store stylists on your team.  You will be expected to provide motivation and support, encourage them to take initiative, and offer them guidance throughout their training and employment.


The Requirements

The ideal candidate has full-time availability (especially evenings and weekends) and minimum 6 (six) months experience as either an assistant manager or a manager in retail.

We’re looking for someone who has a real passion for fashion and who is bilingual (French and English).  We’re seeking someone who is energetic, friendly, enterprising, warm and welcoming, and adaptable.  You must be able to offer many propositions to our clients in regards to outfits and accessories.

We need someone who is a team player (encouraging and supportive); a problem solver (capable of dealing with situations that may arise daily); a confident and effective leader (who doesn’t mind pushing ever onwards and upwards); and an excellent communicator.


Your missions

  • Style and advise clients, both on the floor and in the changing area
  • Train the in-store stylists
  • Participate in Manager meetings
  • Brainstorm new ways to motivate your team
  • Oversee / manage the opening and closing of the boutique
  • Oversee / manage the opening and closing of the cash register
  • Ensure the daily in-store workings run smoothly (sharing of tasks, scheduling breaks, etc.)
  • Keep an eye on the general appearance of the boutique
  • Order and label new products
  • Manage the cash register


Your role

Your role is to process the orders placed by our clients at the online store and to wrap the packages that will be sent to them, making sure that all informations are correct (items, quantities, , address, special instructions, …).It’s about bringing the 1861’s universe throughout our packages using nice silk paper and colorful rubans, writing personalized  and creative notes to each client.

Your Profile

We’re looking for persons available full-time and willing to work weekends. This position requires someone meticulous and organized, capable of a global vision of the orders department and who likes to take initiatives and pay attention to small details. Of a patient nature, the person who prepares and/or wraps the orders must have a good time spirit, enthusiasm and be dynamic.  

Your missions

Wrapping orders
To offer a service of quality throughout the meticulous preparation of online orders.
To wrap the orders placed by our clients with efficiency all day long
Make sure that all the preparation and wrapping stations stay in a good general state
Stay available for closely related tasks within the online store

Preparing orders
Process and prepare the orders places with efficiency and exactness
Keep watch of follow ups and manage customers cases daily


Online Store

Your role
As photo stylist for the online boutique, you’ll be in charge of taking pictures of all angles of the new items received so that they can be introduced on our online boutique.


Your profile

We are looking for someone part-time or full-time, meticulous with a certain sense of aesthetic/harmony.
An experience in products photography is a plus.


Your Missions

Steam the clothes before the photo is taken

Placed the items on the mannequin and takes photos of every sides.

Assure an pretty and practical/technical result for our customers

Coordinate with the photograph in charge of alterations
Follow the planning and respect deadlines established for the clothes to come out



Online Store

Your role

Your role will be to help the Stock Management team in their daily responsibilities of receiving and organizing stock for the boutiques and online store, for the clothes, and or, the accessories. 

You will be required overlook the interactions of the whole team in order to contribute to and facilitate effective coordination and communication between the in-store stylists, the online employees, and the stock.


Your Profile

This position is full or part time work (3-4 days per week minimum). The ideal candidate is energetic and organized, has great team spirit and work ethic, and knows how to take initiative.

This individual must be capable and comfortable to regularly carry and move fairly heavy loads, as well as maintain the general organization of the stock.


Your missions

Provide excellent reception and organization of the stock: move boxes, store by size,...

Maintain the organization of stock by optimizing the use of space and facilitating the Order Preparation team’s work.

Label newly received items.
Remain available for related tasks at the online boutique: receiving furniture, transferring boxes from one location to another, …




Online Store

Your role
The copywriter creates every product’s files available at the online store and write, translate and review other texts needed for communication purposes.

Your Profile
We’re looking for a person available full time to come work in our Montreal based office.
The copywriter has to be bilingual, to speak and to write (has to have an excellent french and english).
To be at ease with computers to write is preferable

Your missions
List the clothes and accessorizes details and write corresponding texts


To apply, send us your resume and tell us why you'd like to join our team!

Don't hesitate to let us know your availabilities in the email when introducing yourself ! Thank you!