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Fatima Soltan ~ Vintage Pearl Bead Necklace | Boudoir 1861 1
Fatima Soltan ~ Vintage | Necklace - 1 left $16.00
Juno Moneta ~ Vintage Pearl Bead Necklace | Boudoir 1861 1
Juno Moneta ~ Vintage | Necklace - 1 left $16.00
Marcia Otacilia Vintage Gold Necklace with Tassels | Boudoir 1861 1
Marcia Otacilia ~ Vintage | Necklace - 1 left $61.00

Let yourself be carried away by the past with completely unique vintage items. You will fall in love with our Vintage collection and its antique jewelries that will transform any look. Discover our hair bun sticks and earrings for your looks that are both stylish and relaxed. Our vintage bridal accessories, such as hair jewelries for bridal hairstyles and vintage Montreal bridal jewelries will marry beautifully with your ravishing wedding dress. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service for all your questions. Take advantage of free shipping on orders over $75!