Elatia Burgundy Maxi Convertible Dress | Boudoir 1861

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Spring 2024
Spring 2024

Boudoir 1861

Elatia Burgundy | Maxi Convertible Dress

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Explore your creativity with this evening gown featuring a shimmering color and a silky, stretchable fabric. The semi-circular maxi skirt drapes elegantly, while the top - consisting of two wide strips of fabric - offers endless styling possibilities, so you can create a perfect look just for you. A wonderful infinity dress option for bridesmaids!
  • Please note that you can wear this dress many different ways.

    Texture :
     Silky and stretch
    Transparency : Opaque
    Colour : Burgundy

    Materials: 95% polyester, 5% spandex.
    Care: Please follow the care instructions indicated on the item's label.