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Floral Candle Set

The soothing smell that will fill your home will captivate all your guests. The minimalist style of this set of 3 candles will add a modern flair to your decor, on top of which it will create a fragrant ambience. With a strong scent even when unlit and a long burn time, it lasts longer for your pleasure!
  • Fragrance : Petal: tree flowers, rose, sage, and patchouli. Lanai: coconut, pink peppercorn, orange, blossom, coal, and clove. Prunus: oakmoss, fig, plum, vanilla, and yuzu.

    Beeswax and coconut wax blend

    The burn time is roughly 55 hours for the set of 3 candles.

    85 g | 3 oz(each)

    Diameter : 6.5 cm | 2 1/2
    Height : 7 cm | 2 3/4"