Yetish White Large Shell Pendant Earrings | La petite garçonne

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11th anniversary
11th anniversary

La Petite Garçonne

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Yetish White | Large Shell Pendant Earrings

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Let your inner mermaid shine through, as these exquisite pendant earrings enchant all who lay eyes upon them, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Hand crafted with unparalleled artistry here in Quebec, these earrings feature a mesmerizing combination of a lustrous white marble trapeze cascading into a captivating, oversized white shell. The harmonious blend of these coastal elements effortlessly transforms any look into an oceanic masterpiece. Indulge in the romance and charm of the seashore!

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  • Materials :  Polymer clay on stainless steal 

    Dimensions : 5.30 cm x 4.30 cm | 2,08" x 1,69''